12 students and teachers from two schools under Project WeCan joined the Wu Zhi Qiao volunteer team to participate in the bridge building in China this summer.  The team travelled to Liguang Village, Liming County of Yunnan to assist in building footbridges and doing different community projects in the village.

Students also had a chance to learn from university student volunteers, including volunteers from University of Edinburgh, the sharing of which also broadened their exposure.  Students also travelled to Lijiang and learnt about the historical background of the place. Upon return to Hong Kong, students gathered together to reflect on their learning, and share their unforgettable volunteer experience with their fellow students.

Mr Christopher Hui, Chairman of Wu Zhi Qiao and Mr Joseph Siu, General Manager (Operations) of Chengdu IFS officiated at the Completion Ceremony on 11 August 2018.  A celebration dinner was held by Wu Zhi Qiao to thank all volunteers for their support.  Mr Siu also attended the dinner to learn about the volunteers’ experience and share their joy, as well as presenting certificates to the volunteers.