36 sessions of Virtual Company Visits and Career Sharing Sessions had been arranged for students of WeCan schools.  Although students were unable to visit the Companies in person, they could still visit them online and were able to understand the various job positions and overall operation of the company via detailed introductions and talks by Company representatives in the session. Aside from online guided tours and career-related videos shown by partners, staff from different departments also shared their first-hand working experience and the job entry requirements to students, with a view to inspire them to plan their own career paths.

Big thanks to our partners who offered such eye-opening and unique online experience for our students!

Two students’ sharing:

“I am very surprised that the speakers could show us around different departments and facilities in real time, which gave us the feeling of experience it in person”

“Thank you speakers for introducing different job positions and their job requirements within the aviation industry during the career sharing session”