The pandemic has not stopped students from exploring the business world. Project WeCan worked hand in hand with Modern Terminals Limited to produce an interactive video for the Company Visit Programme, enabling students to virtually ‘visit’ the company while online activities have become the new normal during the pandemic.  Two WeCan scholars played the reporters’ role to introduce the company and industry in the video.  WeCan students who join the online screening sessions would be able to learn more about the logistics industry from the walkthrough and first-hand sharing from staff members from different departments.

61 WeCan schools already joined the online screening sessions.  Each session was facilitated by WeCan scholars with interactive games to engage the students.  Students had the opportunity to understand better about the overall operation and career prospects of different positions within the company.  Both students and teachers found the sessions informative and interesting.

Students’ sharing:

“After learning the career path of an engineer in the video, I am inspired and would work hard towards my dream.”

“It took me by surprise to know that it needed 10 years to train a skilled staff to operate the machines at Terminal. I used to think it was a very simple task.”

Teacher’s sharing:

“Thank you for your arrangement so that our students were able to learn about the container terminal industry during the pandemic”