The first round of Shape Our Future: WeCan ! – Project WeCan  Career Exploration Day in 2021/22 school year was held on 4 December 2021, the activity was held both online and on-site. In view of the pandemic situation, the second round of the activity was held online on 26 February 2022. With the great support from WeCan  partners in different industries, around 4,300 students from 50 WeCan  schools had the opportunity to explore their potentials and career interests through joining various career-related activities.

Students participated in job taster activities using materials prepared in advanced. By following instructions from the tutors, students were able to have a taste of a particular job. Students also joined activities including, “Key to Success” Chit-chat Session, industry sharing, interview & communication skills workshops, further studies and career information sharing sessions. They were able to understand themselves better and plan for their future at an earlier stage after participating in the activities.

We were happy to have the Chairman of Project WeCan  Foundation, Mr. Stephen Ng, hosting the “Key to Success” Chit-chat Session, where Mr Ron Lee, Director (Community Relations and Marketing) of Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited and Ms Lam On Ki, Hong Kong Women 100m Record Holder were invited as guest speakers, to share the career path of full-time athletes and other sports-related jobs. Students found their sharing useful and inspiring.

The last round of Career Exploration Day will be held in June 2022. A total of over 6,600 students from 82 WeCan  schools will be joining.


Programme e-Booklets are available for download (Chinese version only)

First Round : 4 Dec 2021

Second Round : 26 February 2022