Job Tasting Programme provides students opportunities to learn through the whole process of preparing for a real job, from CV & cover letter preparation, application submission, to attending an interview, helping them to explore their vocational choices.

To kick-start the programme, Project WeCan organized a Briefing Session and a series of Workshops in May 2022 to equip students for the programme.  We were honored to have Mr Ricky Wong, Committee Member of Project WeCan, who is also the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Enhancing Self-Reliance Through District Partnership Programme, and Mr Chiu Tsang-hei, Founder of the social enterprise My Main Stage, to be the guest speakers of the Briefing Session, sharing with students about the career path working in social enterprises and the music industry.  More than 400 students and teachers from 35 WeCan schools joined the session and found the sharing inspiring.

A series of Workshops were then held and being supported by eight WeCan Partners. Special thanks to all the volunteers for sharing their insights and tips to prepare students for their job-seeking process and explore their career interests.

Students will go through the job application process during June and July and will start their internship in August 2022.