Despite the uncertainties brought by the pandemic in this school year, Project WeCan continues to provide learning and exploring opportunities for students through the company visit programme.  So far, 80 sessions of Virtual Company Visits and Career Sharing Sessions have been offered by 20 organizations in different industries, including hotel, architecture, aviation, logistics, retail, accounting, banking and property development.  Through the online sharing by Company representatives, around 5,000 WeCan students learnt about the various job positions and overall operation of a company, as well as the career prospects in the related industry for their career planning.

Students’ sharing:

“I can never imagine that I could virtually ‘visit’ the working environment of the company like this way when I am at home.”  – Student from Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College

 “I am impressed by how the whole operation works within the company. I wish I could have a chance to visit the control panels with my own eyes one day.”  –  Student from PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School