29/10/2022 (Chinese version only) 「學校起動」計劃頒授 二〇二二/二三 年度獎學金 八年來累計撥捐獎學金港幣 五千萬元予 七百名基層中學生升讀大學
16/8/2022 (Chinese version only) 「學校起動」職場體驗計劃二〇二二 超過一百三十名中學生親身體驗職場生活
25/5/2022 (Chinese version only) 第二輪「『學校起動』關懷學子抗疫援助金」支援受第五波疫情影響之學生 五百萬港元現金及物資全數發放
4/12/2021 (Chinese version only)「學校起動」計劃連續七年舉辦 「『職』出前路,我做得到!」生涯規劃日 起動工商界,啟發逾千學子籌劃未來
13/11/2021 (Chinese version only)「學校起動」計劃頒授二○二一/二二年度獎學金 七年來資助六百多名基層中學生上大學 涉資逾港幣四千萬元
09/08/2021 (Chinese version only) 第十屆「學校起動」職場體驗計劃二〇二一展開 一百名中學生親身體驗職場生活
09/01/2021 Project WeCan Foundation Announces 2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients   More Than 560 Grassroot Students Awarded Involving HK$40 Million To Date
21/11/2020 (Chinese version only)「學校起動」計劃推出十周年  升級版『「職」出前路,我做得到!』生涯規劃日圓滿舉行
15/07/2019 (Chinese version only) 第八屆「學校起動」職場體驗計劃展開 近二百位中學生透過實習工作認識社會
26/01/2019 (Chinese version only)「職」出前路,我做得到! – 2019「學校起動」生涯規劃日完滿舉行
24/11/2018 Project WeCan Career Exploration Day to Inspire 5,500 Secondary Students for Life Planning
23/07/2018 Project WeCan The 7th Project WeCan Job Tasting Programme Officially Kick-starts  Offering around 200 Diversified Internship Opportunities for Secondary School Students
06/07/2018 Project WeCan Steaming Ahead With Greater Reach 75 Secondary Schools, 66,000 Students and 67 Supporting Partners First Ever WeCan x HKUST STEAM Awards to Incubate Smart Ideas
21/04/2018 (Chinese version only) 「職」出前路,我做得到!―「學校起動」生涯規劃日  官、商、民、校多方合作的最大型職業導向博覽  近四千名學生及五十三間學校受惠 生涯規劃從小做起
21/01/2018 More Than 1,000 Students Test Their Businesses Acumen at Project WeCan Young Innovators Bazaar 2018 Project WeCan 3 Swinging in Full Speed to Benefit More Students
17/07/2017 Project WeCan Job Tasting Programme Offers Internships for Nearly 200 Secondary School Students, Total Numbers of Beneficiary Schools and Students Reach Historic High
13/07/2017 (Chinese version only) 英超勁旅熱刺再與「學校起動」計劃合作 星級教練親身教授二十四位中學生足球技巧
17/12/2016 Project WeCan Announces 2016-2017 Project WeCan Scholarship Recipients   A total of HK$9M to help relieve financial burden of 131 grass root students    An Unprecedented Cross-school Project WeCan Alumni is officially established
24/05/2016 (Chinese version only)「學校起動」計劃新設獎學金 助考入本地資助大學的「學校起動」計劃學生減輕財政負擔專心學習
22/01/2016 Project WeCan Young Innovators Bazaar – Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit and Creativity of Secondary School Students
28/11/2015 Shape Our Future: WeCan! Project WeCan Career Exploration Day – A Mega Educational and Career Expo co-organised by Government, Corporates, Schools and NGO Benefitting 5,000 students and 50 schools and paving way for their brighter future
14/10/2015 (Chinese version only)「學校起動」計劃續擴展 參與中學增至五十間獲三十五家機構攜手支援本地基層中學生 計劃新增獎學金,讓考獲本地資助大學學位之學生不受環境不足財政困擾專心學習
25/09/2015 (Chinese version only)「學校起動」計劃舉辦「創意起動」先導計劃啟發學生創意助展現潛能 得獎者成為全港首班接受業內專門BIM培訓之中學生
02/09/2015 (Chinese version only)第四屆「學校起動」職場體驗影子計劃完滿結束 二十一個商業機構支援超過一百七十位基層中學生
06/02/2015 (Chinese version only)「學校起動」計劃年宵會今日開鑼 五百名中學生「趁墟做老闆」學習創業之道
28/08/2014 PolyU and Wharf partner in Project WeCan to serve the community
04/05/2014 “Project WeCan Business Bliss – Young Innovators Bazaar” by Wharf The 4-day Fair Attracted Tens of Thousand of Visitors to Experience Students’ Ventures
01/05/2014 “Project WeCan Business Bliss – Young Innovators Bazaar” by Wharf 200+ Secondary Students from 14 Schools in Business Try-Out to develop Top-Notch Planning and Operation Skills
24/10/2013 Project WeCan Reaching New Heights with a Total Funding of HK$500 Million to Help All Secondary Schools Lacking Resources over the Next Five Years
02/10/2013 Project WeCan Job Tasting Programme Offers Internship Places to More Than 100 Deserving Students, Three More Schools to Join Project WeCan Making the Total Number of Beneficiary Schools to 14 Benefiting Over 12,000 Students
25/01/2013 Wharf Instills Entrepreneurial Spirit with a Joint School Chinese New Year Bazaar 200 students from 11 secondary schools run their first business from scratch, demonstrating exceptional talents and five-star product offerings
26/05/2011 Wharf Launches Project WeCan, a Pioneer 360 degree School Improvement Programme Targeting Secondary Schools in Hong Kong