Thanks for the generous support from the Wharf Emergency Relief Fund and our WeCan Partners, the WeCan-CARE! A Pandemic Relief Fund (“Care Fund”) has been able to continue offering help to students of our schools whose families are suffering from serious financial difficulties due to the loss of jobs or salary cuts resulting from the prolonged pandemic situation.  So far, the Care Fund has already offered financial relief for over 3,600 students and their families of our 82 schools since March 2021.

Thanks to our partners: BCT Group, Café de Coral Holdings Limited, Centaline Property Agency Limited, Cushman & Wakefield, CW CPA, DBS Bank Ltd., Hong Kong Branch, M.B. KEMP LLP, Savills, Shih Wing Ching Foundation, Star Lite (Greater China) Ltd., Stephenson Harwood; and personal donations from Ms Angel Ng and Mr Stephen Ng for the generosity and cash and/or in-kind support to the Care Fund to help more students and families in need.   Schools were very thankful for the timely assistance Project WeCan and its partners have provided for the students.