Citi Hong Kong and its partner school Lung Kong WFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary School, both new members of Project WeCan, organised their first partnership programme in Citi’s premises on 13 December 2023.  The mock interview workshop aimed to bridge the gap between knowledge and application, fostering students’ development and preparing them for future academic and career opportunities.

Each student had the opportunity to participate in individual and group interview sessions with volunteers from Citi.  Two rounds of individual and group interviews were planned alternately, allowing students to improve their performance in the second round upon receiving feedback in the first round.  Facing an unfamiliar setup and interacting with business professionals, students  were nervous in the first round but showed significant improvement in subsequent stages by learning from the mistakes.  Citi’s volunteers also shared useful experience and tips with students in a friendly manner, hoping that these takeaways and areas of improvement would serve as valuable guidance for students’ future interviews.

We would like to thank Citi and the volunteers for their support, and look forward to more programmes to enhance students’ academic and career readiness.